Job Opportunity

Applications are now open for our head Beekeeper position .....Apply to Ronan McGreevy on 


While bee-keeping remains a hobby for McGreevy, given the choice he would choose to work full-time producing Moylurg Honey on a commercial basis. As this is not possible due to other entrepreneurial commitments, he is currently interviewing for an experienced commercial bee-keeper.
Given the number of hives and the expertise required to manage them, this post is not for the faint-hearted, as the job spec reveals.
“The right person must be able to coordinate bee-keeping among the hives for optimum honey productivity and be capable of equipment repairs and maintenance, handling and breeding of bees, honey extraction/processing/bottling, managing inventory, organising and updating IT system and all bee-related business. They must be able to physically lift bee-boxes and to work independently in  a structured manner maintaining colony health through the year, have excellent management skills and an ability to multitask and prioritise work. Attention to detail and problem-solving skills in bee-keeping are required as is attention to detail and having an interest in improving existing processes.”
In other words, bee-keeping for commercial purposes is a serious business that demands skilled operators to execute expert aviary husbandry, in return for which rich honey rewards can be enjoyed.