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Over the years Ronan McGreevy completed numerous additional courses with the Irish Federation of Beekeepers in order to add to his expertise. In the process he launched his own pure Irish honey brand - Moylurg – a delicious, aromatic, rich, viscuous, naturally sweet honey produced from his stock of100 bee-hives around Westport.
“The hives contain millions of bees and take up very little space. The bees produce raw, active, natural un-pasteruised, full of natural enzymes, chemical-free honey. It's the best in the world because if you want to taste the best, your own fresh honey is the best.”
After successfully harvesting the first ever supply of honey, launching a new product was exciting and a matter of pride for McGreevy.
“For the first year we just gave the honey to friends and family, around 50 jars 454g size. After the first year we went from one to five hives, following which there was a progressive dramatic increase. Once we discovered how high quality the honey was, we reduced our jar sizes to 227 grams and now provide them for retail at €10 each.”

And the name?

“We decided to brand the honey in honour of the old family homestead of the McGreevy Clan – Moylurg literally meaning the King's plains – which also refers to Moynagh in Kilmeena, outside Westport, where we originally set up our bees.”


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